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Music Machine Music is a learning space for both seasoned and aspiring creators who wish to achieve their creative and technical dreams by studying music and related technologies.  Through one-on-one or group instruction, I offer lessons in electric bass, audio production, songwriting, music theory, and instrument building.  
I provide a unique, fun, and friendly learning environment where students design and direct their own tailor-made curriculum, as well as help students apply technical skills to their own creative ideas and explorations. Whether learning how to play the bass or designing unique musical instruments, I enjoy embarking on a journey of learning and creation with my students
Classes are available both virtually and in-person.



Amos A is a NYC-based musician, instrument builder, and educator, who performs nationally and internationally on the electric bass, acoustic and electronic stringed instruments, as well as other hand-built extended instruments with homemade electronics.  He previously performed as Aimee Norwich.


He received his formal training in jazz studies at Georgia State University, Masters in audio production at New York University, and a technical degree in digital and analog electronics at City College San Francisco.


As a young musician, he made his living playing any music gig he could find in the Jacksonville, Florida area.  Some of these memorable stints included playing bass for the Carnival Cruise Lines’ showband, and doing session work for Retrophonics and Mirror Image Recording Studios where he performed everything from funk to punk.   


Amos went on to play bass in nationally recognized acts, such as The Monclair Big Band, Tom Jonesing, and Orquesta de Sol, and internationally as a soloist.  Additionally he specialized in audio electronics, designing and building novel musical instruments, and music gear (with a vast range of knowledge in amps, tubed microphones, oscillators, and more).


Following his passion for designing bespoke instruments, he designed one of his primary instruments, the Turbo Bass, which is a modified bass with unique circuitry, enabling expansive signal routing to create multiple timbres simultaneously.  He has since designed and built the Bass Kit, the 4-string custom Tenor Telecaster, the One-String Tabletop Bass, tube mics, mini-samplers, and EQs.


In 2011, while studying music at the Steinhardt School in the Music Technology Program at New York University, he focused on advanced audio production and room acoustics.  There, he analyzed the acoustical properties and reverberation times of rooms and used the ambience of these spaces using MS, Small A/B, and Quad microphone arrays.  Later he designed and built an audio production room in the back of a trapeze studio, in Brooklyn where he recorded independent artists such as Gretchen Phillips and Capital B.


Currently, Amos composes music for film, dance, experimental theatre, and other exciting recording projects.

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